Hello! Thanks for visiting In Praise of Leftovers.  This blog is for anyone who’s ever opened the fridge and been overwhelmed by what to do with its contents.  It’s for inspiration at the end of a long workday, parents at home with kids, novice cooks who want to get more comfortable in the kitchen. If I’m paying attention, there are a lot of funny, poignant things in everyday life and I find they are often connected to making and eating food.

Snootiness seems to be rampant in the food world and I hope you don’t encounter that here.  For me, the kitchen is more about being together than about making the perfect meal.  It’s also about making do–seeing what’s around, rescuing ailing vegetables from the brink, taking advantage of simple things like dried beans or grains.  And nothing makes me happier than finding a way to use all the random bits in my fridge.

When I’m not cooking, grocery shopping, or doing dishes, I am a wife, mother, aunt, group facilitator, and organizational development consultant.  Whether I’m in my kitchen or working with teams in the workplace, I’m always interested in people finding community and connection with one another.

Happy Scrounging!
Sarah Murphy-Kangas - sarahmurphykangas[at]gmail[dot]com