Favorite Places: Gordon Skagit Farms

tower of squash

This whole blogging endeavor would be worth it just to praise Gordon Skagit Farms.  I took the kids up there to meet my parents for our annual pumpkin patch picnic.  Wyatt's been going since he was two.  He loves it--don't get me wrong--but the outing is really for my Mom and I.  Today she said, "Why do I feel so happy when I'm here?"  That makes two of us. Sunshine, bins of eye-popping squash, an exquisite picnic, and the absolute artistry of this place made for another memorable year and one more reason to agree with my Mom's pronouncement of October as the Best Month.

mounds of gourdsbin of honeycrisps

Just an hour and fifteen minutes from Seattle, I marvel at this place more and more each visit.  For those who think autumn squash means pumpkins and maybe butternut if you're getting crazy, Gordon's will school you.  Lime green bottle gourds, every kind of heirloom pumpkin imaginable, delicata and hubbard squash, ornamental gourds, sugar pumpkins and kabocha, all arranged around outdoor paintings, hay bales, and old farm trucks.  It makes me wish I was a better photographer. My 100 photos can't even begin to convey the riot of color and texture.  On Wyatt's tenth visit, maybe I'll come a little closer.

pumpkin patchbottle gourds

We left early this morning, driving through downtown for a Top Pot Doughnut stop--pink sprinkles for Loretta, foot-long maple bar for Wyatt, pumpkin old-fashioned for me.  I noticed all the workers--up early on a Saturday, but not for a leisurely day at the pumpkin patch.  We drove past the AT&T store where all the blue-shirted employees were having a stand-up meeting.  The Airporter bus passed us, the driver's back probably weary from lifting cranky travelers' suitcases.  Painters took down drop-cloths from around the doorway of a new condo building, and the barista at Top Pot was so kind while Loretta was prostrate on the floor, crying for her doughnut.  I felt lucky to be off the clock, relatively carefree, driving with a full tank of gas up to people who love me.  And I felt thankful for everyone working today (including Yancey), diligently doing jobs they hate or love, so the city and the highway out of it keep humming along. Yes--gift after gift.

pumpkin truck

And my Mom's green tomato blue cheese galette--we are a pair, aren't we? I don't have a photo of her pumpkin chocolate biscotti with garam masala, but I will be hunting down the recipe.  Wait--she sent me home with some!  I love you all, but first things first. Goodnight, friends.

moms galette