More October Tidbits

bethany's pizza

Get a load of this pizza!  Bethany made this tonight after reading the no-knead pizza posting this afternoon.  That's some quick menu planning (not that I can relate) and what I love about lots of the mothers and women in my life.  They are serious doers--volunteering at preschool, calling a client back, starting a load of laundry, planning ahead for their father-in-law's birthday present, AND throwing together a show-stopping pizza from a friend's blog.  Bethany, you're as a much a rockstar as I'll ever meet.

evening at the park

I'm realizing I don't have a lot of profundities to deliver lately, and that's alright.  Maybe every ounce of introspective energy was spent on my retreat.  Since I came home, I've had a lot more energy and clarity in my days.  I made a list there of all my next steps ("Um, Sarah?!  We've heard all this already!") and I feel I'm moving through them with intention, confidence, and openness to outcome. This sweet turn of events isn't because I've been trying really hard (striving, as Momosis says), but because I've decided to accept the goodness and strength that was waiting in the wings all along.  The other morning, I stepped outside and saw perfect, intricate spider webs on every bush and branch.  And still, Julian of Norwich saying,  All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

morning spider web

A couple tidbits from around town...  Loretta and I had a date at Oddfellows recently.  It was 8 am.  NOBODY on Capitol Hill is awake at 8 am, so we had the place to ourselves.  We split a piece of peach upside-down cake, and she danced to the music and was fascinated by everything on the condiment bar.  I drank this picture perfect latte and we had the most reciprocal conversation a 35 and 2-year-old could have.  When she's not demanding things and driving me crazy, I want to shrink her, make her stay 2.75 forever.

latte at oddfellows

We had a family outing to Pike Place before my catering gig, on the hunt for smoked salmon and French carrots.  We ran through Post Alley in the morning chill, Loretta and her little diapered butt doing their best to keep up.  Even in my carrot-and -smoked-salmon preoccupied state,  I sensed the gravity of the moment, the reality that this season of our life will be over much sooner than we could ever dream.

post alley