Favorite Places: Vancouver at Christmas

vancouver skyline

Yancey and I just got home from our yearly Chrismtmas date to Vancouver.  We've been going every year for at least 10 years, through pregnancies and newborns, even, thanks to a very brave Nana and Papa.  By now, Yancey and I have a routine, and it goes something like this:

  1. Get a good hotel room for cheap on Priceline
  2. Drop Wyatt and Loretta off in Bellingham
  3. Get to Vancouver by noon for yam tempura, mango crunch rolls, and smoked salmon rolls
  4. Catch a matinee--this year, Up in the Air, which was wonderfully understated and true
  5. Check into our hotel room, inspect all the amenities, marvel at the clean room
  6. Go to Urban Fare (snooty grocery store) and buy a completely extravagant picnic--cheeses, bread, olives, wine, chocolates, a few perfect pieces of fruit
  7. Eat in our bathrobes, looking out over Coal Harbor, sometimes talking about the kids and how great they are (why do they always seem perfect in absence?)
  8. Have nutella banana crepes for breakfast on Robson, read mounds of magazines
  9. Squeeze into our favorite ramen shop for spicy miso ramen with chicken, lotus root, and a pile of julienned leeks
  10. Come home and talk about  next year

up in the airharborside view

For the last leg of our trip home, we had to take separate cars.  Yancey was in front of me, his taillights glowing in the rain.  I turned off the White Stripes, put on the sappiest playlist--the mix I made for our 10th anniversary 5 years ago--and followed him home.  The Jayhawks came on, and now I'm getting TOTALLY sappy on you--I don't know what day it is/I can't recall the seasons/ I don't remember how we got this far/All I know is I'm loving you for all the right reasons/In my sky you'll always be my morning star. In spite of the P.S. you're about to read, I'm going to bed happy, loved, and in love.

early morning walk

P.S. Picked up the kids, finally got back to Seattle, turned the key, and discovered our house had been broken into for the second time this year.  We are so grateful that we had our computer and camera with us.  Clearly they've been watching our house, and Wyatt couldn't fight back the tears.  He was so stoic the first time--I guess he used up all his braveness.  You can keep us in your thoughts as we figure this out.

hallowed creperie