A Macrina Kind of Day

Ah, Macrina.  How I love thee. Macrina's newest location in SODO is just seven minutes from my house, and my checkbook is suffering as a result.  Many Friday mornings, I take Loretta and Milo there to kill time before we meet Aimee, Darlene, or Eileen at the play gym.  The toddlers put their grimy hands all over the display case, ask for the biggest cupcakes, and run laps down the length of this beautiful space.  Of all three locations (Belltown, SODO, and Queen Anne) this new spot is definitely my favorite, and it's where they do most of the baking.  I lift the kids up to see what's being frosted behind the display windows, and everyone is always so friendly. What more could you want?

This morning, I bought a loaf of semolina rosemary bread.  Once the kids were down for their naps, I made myself a grilled sandwich with avocado slices, Gruyere, and some caramelized onions leftover from pizza we made last weekend.  This is the silly thing about me--I'm not just doing this because I have a food blog.  I started a food blog because I cannot help but turn even the most solitary of meals into an event.

If you decide to follow this blog at all, you will, no doubt, get tired of sandwich photos.  I am always looking for an excuse to eat a sandwich.  On cold days like today, I will make it a hot one.  With the exception of hamburgers or tortas, I am often quite disappointed when I order a sandwich out.  It's not about gourmet ingredients, but about getting the crunchy-soft or hot-cold ratios right.  A lot of kitchens and delis just can't do that, it seems.

Of course, I couldn't come home from Macrina with just a loaf of bread.  Around 2:30 or 3:00, before I pick the kindergartners up from school, I'll need a little boost to get me through the afternoon.  This coconut cupcake with little frosted Easter birdies and a shot of espresso ought to do the trick.  I'll have to figure out a way to eat it on the sly. There's no way I'm sharing it.