Easter Feasting

This is the platter of fig and olive tapenade after being on Sue's coffee table for 10 minutes.  What a wonderful day we had yesterday--church, Wyatt's adorable concentration during the handbell choir performance, brunch at Sue's with our longtime Easter crew.  It was characteristically miserable weather, so the egg hunt was inside.  Of course the kids could care less as long as candy is the end result.  Loretta ate from her Easter basket like it was grain trough and no one intervened.  Too much work.

All afternoon, I was aware that anyone walking into our happy gathering might never guess how much pain, how many surprises and trials had transpired since we were together last Easter.  In her amazing sermon, Angela said that Easter is for those that have loved and lost, for those who feel on the outside, for those who are getting up the nerve to keep going in spite of it all--staying together to celebrate even though it's raining.

And piles of crepes don't hamper the celebration, that's for sure.  I should be embarking on a post-Easter fast right now. (We all know that's unlikely.)  This crepe is filled with sauteed mushrooms, Gruyere, and fresh thyme, and slick with bechamel sauce.   There's not enough storage space in blogger's posting format for me to display every crepe I ate.  Thank God.

Jordan corralled all the kids onto the couch for this sugar-coma shot.  Wyatt and the Ladies.  This ought to brighten Ordinary Time somewhat.