Chopped Salad 2.0

This time, no cucumber, lemon, dill, or pita.  Shredded rotisserie chicken (thank you, sweet Mary), cilantro, lime, spinach, and red pepper flakes.  The kids had Top Ramen.  Notice I didn't take a photo of that.

P.S.  I was getting a little sheepish about my frequent postings, so I asked Priya and my Mom if it was overkill.  They're the worst people to ask because they love and like me a lot. That's probably why I asked them.  My Mom, in touch with her inner marketing guru, said, "Right now, you're trying to build your fan base, so keep it coming."  Priya reads everything the second it's posted, so she's not saturated.  Maybe she'll change her mind after today.