Créme Fraiche

You will want this little recipe in a minute when I post photos of the scones I made this morning. Créme fraiche is like the French version of sour cream, and I often substitute sour cream when it's called for because there's no way I'm going to pay $6 for the tiny tubs they sell at QFC or PCC.

I had some heavy cream that I didn't want to go bad, so made it into créme fraiche.  Seriously, all you do is let it sit on the counter, and you can tell your kids it's a science experiment.  After it's refrigerated, it turns all lovely and thick and tangy.  I always have buttermilk around because I am a pancake freak, but I've seen créme fraiche made with yogurt or sour cream. This recipe is the one that's turned out like I want it to, though.

I just had an avocado and chicken quesadilla, and plopped a bit of this on my plate next to it. Please forget what I said the other day about calories.