Fear-Not Salmon

I am slightly phobic about cooking fish.  For one, I've just taken out a second mortgage to afford it.  For another, I've had too many experiences overcooking it.  We don't eat it as much as Dr. Oz says we should for both those reasons.

This fillet we had for dinner is from Costco, so the whole big thing was only $8.00.  Sometimes if we're having company or I have a guilty conscience about sustainability, I spring for something beautiful from Mutual Fish.  Regardless, this method is like God saying, "Fear not.  I am with thee."

One day at Costco (yes, I have an Executive Membership) I spotted Tom Douglas' salmon rub.  The little tub was 8 or 9 dollars.  I am really regretting saying a couple posts ago that I'm not into the celebrity chef thing.  I've mentioned 3 celebrity chefs in as many days.  Anyway, I looked at the ingredients and realized I could make it for a pittance.  I also happen to have a little shrubby thyme plant in my yard, and that's one-up on Tom Douglas' rub with dried thyme.  Ha!

Yancey was at Costco today (he's home!  yeah!) returning our digital camera because it broke.  That's another story.  Okay.  I'll tell it quickly.  Wyatt was taking pictures with our camera last night and the lens got stuck.  I got visibly upset.  Wyatt's lower lip started trembling and he said, "I have some money in my piggy bank, Mom."  Nothing like that to make you feel like a #@%head.  So I went over-the-top consoling him, telling him I didn't care about the camera as much as I cared about him, etc.  Turns out the camera is only 60 days old and we still have the receipt.  Costco (bless its warehouse heart) took it back without question, and I now own the digital camera of my dreams. (Yancey ran that errand for me, too.)  Thank you, Wyatt.

So Yancey was at Costco and called me to ask if he could pick up anything else.  I decided that salmon sounded good for dinner, and there you are.  We are omega-3ed up, Dr. Oz.  And it was delicious.

Fear-Not Salmon

Turn oven to 450.

For rub:  Combine 1/4 c. brown sugar, 2 Tb. fresh or dried thyme, 2 Tb. smoked paprika,and 2 ts. salt.  Rub 1 0r 2 ts. olive oil onto a 1.5 lb. salmon fillet.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper (or just oil one).  Use about half your spice rub on the fillet, pressing down to make sure it sticks.  Roast in the oven for about 10 minutes, checking at 8 minutes.  It will be done very quickly.  Serve with rice and the salad which will appear here shortly (or another one which makes use of leftovers!)