Parsley Pizza

All four of us were in the car by 7 am this morning, headed to Alki Beach.  First doughnuts (of course), then lots of glorious hours together before Loretta's nap and I went to Jenni's baby shower.  

We had Sunday Pizza on Saturday because Yancey's on shift tomorrow.  He made dough, and when I got home from the shower, I opened the fridge to see what we'd top it with.  Pepperoni for the kids, but what for us?  I found half a bag of spinach and a big bunch of curly parsley, and whizzed them up in the food processor to make pesto.  It was the GREENEST pizza I've ever made, and tasted amazingly fresh and bright.  It's sad that lots of folks don't make pesto unless they have basil, which only happens a couple months out of the year. Parsley, like cabbage, is another overlooked kitchen workhorse, and I feel bereft if I don't have some around. 39 cents worth of goodness.

I'm also including a few photos that Bethany took of me while she was here.  They aren't the posed sort that one is likely to post on Facebook.  It's just me doing what I do all the time, except Bethany thought it interesting enough to lovingly capture. That's what friends are for--bearing witness (one of my favorite phrases lately) to the regular-ness of our lives. By the way, Bethany made the apron I'm wearing.  She gave it to me almost 10 years ago, and I wear it every time I'm in the kitchen.  It gets me in the cooking mood.

Parsley Pizza Topping

You can find the recipe for pizza dough here and technique here.  And of course you could do basil instead of parsley, and you could also do cilantro.

4 0z. (about 5 big handfuls) fresh spinach
1 bunch curly parlsey (or Italian, but I like the strong flavor of curly better)
1 garlic clove
1/4 c. finely grated pecornio or parmesan cheese + more for the top
3 Tb. olive oil
2 c. grated mozzarella 
handful quartered cherry tomatoes

For pesto:
Put spinach, parsley, garlic, cheese, salt, and olive oil in the food processor and pulse until smooth, adding a bit more olive oil if necessary.

Top pizza dough with pesto, then cheese, then tomatoes.