Stalking Granola

[caption id="attachment_427" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Make it before you have to endure more photos"]Make it before you have to endure more photos


Here comes another bad metaphor.  If I'm the food paparazzi, granola must be the Jennifer Aniston of my food life, showing up EVERYWHERE and pretending to avoid the spotlight.  I've heard from other people that read trashy magazines like US and People that Jennifer Aniston is featured a lot.  I only read James Joyce and medical journals.

Made another batch of Eat-it-Every-Day Granola last weekend, ate it for breakfast this morning, and wasn't hungry at all until my late lunch.  That's the thing--not only is it delicious and as attractive (or more) than Jennifer Aniston--it will hold you over.  Put yourself out of your misery and make some.  And don't forget to share.