Housekeeping (and a Green Burger)

Here's what we had for dinner last night--rosemary burgers with leftover spinach/parsley/blue cheese/celery spread (from my fridge cleaning) and more oven fries.  I'm not going to give recipes for anything, but it proves you can grill burgers without going to the store for tomatoes.

The other thing that happened last night--I finally caught the virus the kids have had.  I think I'm on the mend now, but don't expect much to be coming out of my kitchen in the next few days.  The thought of food pretty much undoes me, so you know it's serious.  Wyatt and Loretta were very fascinated by the whole thing. For starters, I fell asleep on the couch after dinner, which I don't think they've ever seen.  Wyatt went and got the camera and took this photo. He's very proud of it and thinks it's funny.

And they were fascinated by the fact that I had a strawberry popsicle for breakfast.  They were diligently eating their toast and yogurt (Yancey is home today, thank God) and Loretta couldn't handle seeing me eat a popsicle in front of her.  So I had to share, and she probably wishes I got sick more often.

Since cooking is out of the question, I thought I'd take today to catch up on a few housekeeping details.  If you're new to this blog, now would be a good time to flip through the archives!

The Leftoverist Teaches a Cooking Class
I'm excited to announce that I'll be teaching a cooking class out on Whidbey Island the end of this month.  It's part of WSU's Extension Program's Island Living Series.  On Monday, June 29 from 6:00-8:30, we'll be making 3 mostly meatless main dish salads and it's by donation (love that).  You can register or learn more about it by clicking here.

Following along with a Menu
A few of you have suggested posting a menu plan and shopping list on the weekend so you can cook with me during the week. It would include one or two "free days" for using up leftovers so you wouldn't be totally constrained.  At the very least, you could have the same groceries as me for a week and mix and match from there.  Are there others out there that would be interested in this?

Site Feedback
If you read other food blogs, you'll notice that there are often lots of sidebars with recipe categories, lists of recent posts, etc.  I have purposely put any information like that on separate pages because I don't want to clutter up the site--I want you to feel like you get a breather when you come here instead of feeling yelled at. (Which is how I feel on some sites!)  BUT I'm willing to reconsider if you're finding it hard or cumbersome to navigate my site.  Now that you've been using it for awhile, what's frustrating?  What do you wish you had easier access to?  What works well?  I would love any thoughts you have about that on the comments page or in an email to me.

I'm Serious about This
It's probably clear by now, but I'm serious about this blog!  And I'm serious about promoting it.  It's funny. I've always said I'm not an entrepreneurial person and most of the time, I hate official self-promotion (even the thought of resumes or marketing plans gives me hives).  But my inner promoting self has been out in full-force since the advent of this blog.  I post it on my facey pages (or Facebook, is it?), hand out my card to anyone who so much as glances at me.  It's like I'm dating someone new--I remember when Yancey and I were first together, I was trying to work his name into everything.  That's how I feel about In Praise of Leftovers.  I love doing it, I love connecting with you.  So, I'm about to make this preamble a request, which is--could you tell a few friends about this blog? However you do it--word of mouth, facey page, twitter twatter, email, a large banner hung from your roof.  Thank you.  I am so grateful that you have read past the sleeping photo of me.

And I'll be cooking again soon.