Leek and Chard Galette for Karl

leek and chard galette

A couple weeks ago, I said that the first man to comment on this post would get a savory galette.  Karl picked it up today, and it couldn't have gone to a more appreciative fan.

No recipe, per se, but :  sauteed some chard from my garden with garlic and butter/olive oil, then added sliced leeks and artichoke hearts with salt and pepper.  Then some chicken stock to cook things longer and get them nice and soft.  Filled my galette dough round with this mixture, then topped with leftover spinach pepita pesto, and scattered sheep's milk feta over the whole thing.  Not bad considering a trip to the grocery store was not involved (though any of you who have ever seen my fridge know it is it's own grocery store).

To keep it rolling (and keep my ego up), here's the next challenge:  If at least 20 people comment on this boring post by the end of the day, everyone's name will go into a drawing. If your name is picked, you will either a) get a sweet or savory galette of your choice if you're local (Seattle-area or Bellingham) OR b) Get to request that I research and write about any recipe you've been wondering about or hankering for if you're not local.  AND the first local person (Seattle-area or Bellingham) to post a comment for the first time gets a galette as well.  Am I a glutton for punishment or what?  I just love you, dear readers--that's all.

Addendum at Noon: We're getting there!  Cutzi, a new reader near Bellingham, gets the "commenting for the first time" galette, and there are six others whose names are now in the drawing.  13 more to go!

Addendum at 5:00: 14 people have commented, six more to go!  I'm not counting "Sheila" who is actually my mother.  She is a rascal, or "wascal," as Loretta says.

Addendum at 7:00: 22 comments, 18 people.  2 more to go.  But I'm a softie.  I may bend the rules a little.

Addendum the next day: 23 people, 30 comments!  Thank you for humoring me.  It made for a lovely day. I thought of figuring out my web cam so you could see me drawing a name (for accountability's sake, you know), but was too tired last night.  So you'll trust me, right?  And the winner is....Lynn A!!!  There were two Lynns that commented, so Lynn M., will it do if I just give you a big hug at church?  Dear other Lynn, I'll set up a delivery time soon.