A Stand-Up Lunch

stand-up sandwiches

There's a torrent of nutrition and diet tips coming at us these days, and one of the mandates is, "Don't eat standing up."  I agree.  Never, ever do that.

Unless you have three minutes to eat your lunch before your child puts herself up for adoption.  Or unless you are trying to answer the phone, put bills in the mail, email a client, unload groceries, and change laundry all before your physical therapy appointment in 20 minutes for a back injury that's a year old because you couldn't afford decent health insurance. Unless you are in one of those categories, always sit down to eat.

Actually, I manage mindful meals quite often, but it's because I prioritize it.  Everything in our busy, over-scheduled culture seems to include a "to-go" suffix.  And yes, I have been to Italy (the one big trip of my life), and yes, I came home talking about how NO ONE drinks their coffee to go and even business lunches are savored.  So, if remotely possible, I put my lunch on a real plate (even in my old office life), walk away from the computer or list-making, and spend a few minutes getting nourished and quieted.

Today the quieting scenario wasn't possible.  On top of that, I made the mistake of going grocery shopping while famished. Isn't that something else nutrition gurus tell us not to do?  I bought brownie mix, potato chips, pretzels, and ice cream, and by the time Loretta and I got home, I had made lunch 50 times in my head in an effort NOT to eat the bag of potato chips. 

While unloading groceries and making Top Ramen for Loretta (who had been whimpering "I want Top Ramen" all the way home), I made these little open-faced sandwiches. And ate them standing up.  And (here's the ridiculous part) was mindful enough to take their bleeping picture.  They were stand-up little tidbits.  Don't you love that old-fashioned phrase? As in, "Sarah's a stand-up gal?"  You, of course, are my stand-up readers who may be eating your meal standing up and reading this.  I love to picture it.  And I'd love to hear about your favorite stand-up snacks.

afternoon delight

Stand-up Sandwiches

Take a couple slices of stale-ish artisan bread or fresh if you have it.  Lightly toast them.  Slather some type of soft cheese on them--I used Cambozola, but you could use ricotta, chevre, cream cheese, etc.  Fan slices of avocado over that, then rounds of tomato.  Top with a pinch of kosher salt and red chile flakes, then drizzle with expensive olive oil that was a gift from your loving mother last weekend.  Close your eyes for a second, be grateful for all the abundance in the world, then race off to your next appointment.