Broiled Tomatoes with Cream

broiled tomatoes

Went to Pike Place Market with the kids this morning.  Yancey's at the station, and a passerby offered to take a photo of us. After 14 years as Seattle residents, this is our first picture with the pig.  When Wyatt and and his best friend Oscar were toddlers, Yancey took them to the market on Fridays.  They'd wander through, get fawned over, and fill up on berries.  I worked downtown for 7 years, and stopping by Pike Place is one of the things I miss the most.  I've heard lots of Seattle folks moan about the tourists, but love the crush of people with cameras and the distinct feeling that I'm not a tourist.

pike placebike at the market

When we got home we were starving (are you picking up on a pattern in my life?), and I made a "before vacation" lunch. We're leaving for 3 days, so there are bits in the fridge that need to be eaten--pasta from 3 nights ago, two lone tortillas in danger of drying out.  And we supplemented with carrots and English peas from Pike Place and these tomatoes.  When I was pregnant with Loretta (and before I knew it) I was on a silent retreat.  The convent served broiled tomatoes and cottage cheese for lunch, and I ate an obscene amount. Nothing ever tasted so good in my life.  Hello?!  Hormones!.  I craved broiled tomatoes the rest of my pregnancy and could still eat them every meal.  I've written about oven-roasted tomatoes, and of course I love a platter of sliced fresh tomatoes in the summer.  But I think this is my favorite way with them.  They sizzle on top but are just warm in the middle, and I'm salivating remembering them.  I saved a few on a plate for my 3:00 snack.  I'm out of cottage cheese, so ate them today with crackers and leftover blue cheese hazelnut spread from book club last night.

A trip to Pike Place, the Link Light Rail opening today (2 blocks from our door!) after 5 years of hype and construction--it's a good day to be a Seattleite.


Broiled Tomatoes with Cream
Serves two for lunch or 4 as an appetizer.  You can definitely makes these without cream.  The cream was a new addition that was part of my "use-it-up-before-vacation" scheme.  It added a wonderful touch, though.

8 medium tomatoes (not giant beefsteak or tiny cherry tomatoes)
2 Tb. extra virgin olive oil
kosher salt
1/2 ts. sugar
fresh herbs (I used thyme and chives)
2 Tb. heavy cream

Halve the tomatoes and put them in a baking dish cut side up.  Drizzle with olive oil, then sprinkle salt, pepper, sugar, and thyme.  Broil on high for 3 minutes.  Remove from oven, dribble a little cream over each tomato, and scatter sliced chives. Broil for one or two minutes more, until bubbling but not burnt.