Ratatouille Pizza

ratatouille pizza

Sorry. With a name like In Praise of Leftovers, you are signing up for repeats.

More Summer Ratatouille, this time with eggplant and less tomatoes and peppers than the Ross Lake version. Yancey took some for lunch, we have a small tub still in the fridge, and the rest topped pizza dough.  I would likely never make ratatouille and pizza in the same day, so this is definitely a Leftoverist special.  As I've mentioned, though, ratatouille has a million uses once you've gone to all the trouble to chop and roast your bounty.  We used a bit of mozarella, but you don't even need cheese on this.  I think a good vegan pizza is pretty hard to make, but you won't miss anything here.  Flavor Central.

ready to roast

We had a really wonderful afternoon.  After Yancey's post-shift nap, we took the kids bike-riding and blackberry-picking, then drove past a house we've been stalking online.  The price was just reduced, and we're dreaming.  We have SO MUCH to do before we're ready to be buyers.  Yancey saw a car in the carport, so he knocked and asked if we could look around.  That's something I would never do.  I love that about him.  The seller was there and gladly showed us around.  I could go on and on about the perfection of this house--a mild fixer, in our neighborhood, a mid-century modern (Yancey's criteria), a FIG TREE in the backyard.  We talked about it over pizza and for the rest of the night.  It can't be ours, but it was really a gift that we got to see it.  I've been feeling pessimistic, and this helped me picture a possible future.  When Yancey's dad spent the night here last week (on the couch), he said, "You guys need a bigger house." I despairingly said, "We're working on it."  We are on top of each other, especially with 4 kids on Thursdays and Fridays.

On the way home from our tour, Wyatt asked if we could go out to dinner.  Without hesitation, I said, "No, it costs too much money."  I am serious about this. Please bear with me if I am Miss Overly Creative with Beans in the next six months. Operation Breathing Room is commencing.  When it comes time to leave my kitchen, we'll have to gather for a memorial. I'll think about that later, though.

potential pizza