Berry Ferry

early morning blueberries

Yesterday, Yancey and I took the ferry to Orcas Island.  We took a cup of Skagit blueberries up to the deck and ate them with our yogurt and coffee.  We read the paper, eavesdropped on other people's conversations, and moved to the sunny side of the boat.

ferry breakfast

We got off the ferry, drove along the lush (and nostalgic) island roads.  Both Yancey and I used to come here as children and haven't been in years.  We found Roses Bakery & Cafe, where we devoured the most delicious savory breakfast roll in history. Again, we found a sunny spot.  More coffee.

Then we sat on the beach.  I finished my Gourmet magazine and Yancey fell asleep with his head in my lap. Then we went back to Rose's for corn and chantrelle chowder, split a dish of peach cobbler.

And then we catered a party for 100 at Moran State Park.

I expected yesterday to be Stress Attack 2009, racing around, tired and worried. Instead, we had plenty of time, the kids were happily coked out on sugar at the Lynden Fair with my parents, and Yancey and I had a rare day to ourselves and the fun of working together.

orcas beach

It's all about expectations, which I figured out quite awhile ago but always manage to forget.  I often get worked up about something, only to discover what I had been fearing wasn't worth the effort.  Or I really look forward to something, then am fatally disappointed when it's not all I'd cracked it up to be.

There's a lot of talk these days about being "in the moment."  The reason we all talk about it and pay to go on retreats about it is because it's so *$%ing hard to do.  On my best days, cooking for 100 or not, I can be "open to outcome," whatever that might be. Yesterday, it happened to be blueberries in the sun, drinking cold beers in the car while we waited for the late-night ferry back to Anacortes, falling asleep exhausted next to the incredible man who's known me since I was fifteen.

Me and the kids are home, unpacking and sorting (they're still coked out), Yancey's at the fire station, and I'm happy to be here with you.  I've got some deliciousness up my sleeve, too.  See you tomorrow?