Favorite Places: Café Presse

clock at Presse

I could never be a restaurant reviewer.  At least not the kind that goes in, acts all diffident, then slams the place as soon as they get into the car with their laptop.  I named this blog quickly and without much thought--In Praise of Leftovers--but more and more, it seems fitting that "praise" would be in there.  I really, really like to praise things--people, cafés, elementary schools--so I don't think The Seattle Times will be offering me a job as a restaurant reviewer anytime soon.  There are plenty of things that get under my skin (What? Sarah's opinionated?!) but I find it's not that gratifying to pontificate about them.

Presse mustard pot

Café Presse gets the praise today.  I've been a regular there since they opened and feel so lucky to live in the city whenever I go.  Some praiseworthy things about Presse:

  • Magazine rack.  How I love magazines.  More than life itself sometimes.
  • Giant subway clock.
  • Croque Monsieur, each bite dipped in lots and lots of Dijon.
  • Little orange mustard pots on every table.
  • Ceramic pitchers of wine.
  • Friendliest of friendly waitstaff, refilling my coffee while I loiter forever in the morning.
  • Mussels and frites at night, sitting at the bar with Yancey and looking for people we know.
  • Students from neighboring Seattle University--all hipster and smart, making you feel like your real life is about to start.
  • Open from 7am to 1 am every day.
  • Free wireless.
  • Gallons of soft light pouring through the front windows, allowing for a few good photographs.

That's it for today.  Now you know where to find me.