Mojito Peach Salsa

Mojito Peach Salsa

I'm in bed with my laptop.  The kids are watching Bob the Builder (much to Wyatt's chagrin--he's SO Discovery Channel now), and I hear rain on our new roof.  Fall is definitely on its way, but I'm sneaking in some peach-talk.  My blogging friend Dana talked about summer fruit guilt recently, which I thought was true and funny.  Quick!  Eat all those peaches and really enjoy them!  In addition, you must indulge in fabulous and creative fruit creations which you post about on facebook.  If you're a blogger, for heaven's sake--where's your beautiful rustic fruit dessert?

I've made (and written about) lots of salsas.  I think it's because I'm always looking do something with a couple pieces of fruit, one lone cucumber or tomato.  Many recipes assume you'll be making a big bowl of something for a party.  That would mean you'd have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff.  But if you're cooking for yourself or your family, you really only need a bit to transform your lonely produce into some tangy deliciousness.

Coming home from Sun Lakes, we stopped at a produce stand.  I got peaches, chiles, corn, Roma tomatoes.  Just a bit of each. And when we stopped Safeway for some ice, I grabbed some avocados.  Like I always say, I am incapable of resisting avocados on sale.  When we got home, we had Vacation Fridge (meaning nothing), but I found some corn tortillas. Guacamole, peach salsa, tortillas.  I had the rare occasion of being cilantro-less (what?!), so picked a bit of mint, and it was just the thing. Seems like you can call anything "mojito" these days, so I'm shamelessly jumping on that bandwagon.  Maybe I could moonlight as a recipe-namer somewhere and get paid a lot of money for it.

Lots of thinking as we were driving past the alfalfa fields and truck farms of Central Washington.  Namely, that farming is hard work. Can't take vacation, can't leave things to chance, have to buy that expensive equipment, really have to care about the weather forecast.  And the immigration debate must be so much more than that if you're a farmer trying to keep your costs low.  Complicated.  Without understanding all of it, I just felt thankful that there were still farmers and families committed to growing food that ends up on my table.  I don't know who picked these peaches, but someone did.  And they took care not to bruise them--picked them gently from the tree, placed them in a crate, put the crate in a truck, unloaded the truck at the produce stand, arranged them on a table, scribbled "Local!  $1.29/lb" on a 3 x 5 card, and put them gently in a bag with my tomatoes and corn.  Gift after gift.  So much wonderment and hard work in every plain old day.

Mojito Peach Salsa
I made another peach salsa at Sun Lakes that had corn and cilantro in it.  That was delicious, too.  You can leave the tomatoes out of this, add finely diced cucumber, and leave the chiles out if you don't like heat. This makes a small bowl--double it if you've got the stuff around.

2 large peaches
handful cherry tomatoes, quartered
1/4 small red onion, finely diced
1 jalapeno, serrano, or other hot chile, seeded and finely diced
handful fresh mint, roughy chopped
1 Tb. sugar
juice of one lime
lots of kosher salt

Combine all ingredients gently.  Put more of anything to taste.