Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Fire

We've had a frigid week here in Seattle. We are absolutely spineless when it comes to snow and ice, and this week has been a spectacle of unpreparedness. The kids and I have been sick, lazing around while Yancey and the other firefighters rescue people from ditches.

Remember when Oprah started that big "Gratitude Journal" movement? I never started one, per se, but I suppose this blog honors that spirit. I've had some criticism for not including more of the gritty stuff--I don't log on to tell you when I'm pissed at my husband, when I'm having conflict with a friend, or when I'm disgruntled with election results. All of that stuff happens. And, for the record, I often go months without the a-ha! moments I love to write about.

Today, Thanksgiving morning with the snow still falling, is the perfect excuse for me to be public with my thanks (again). Thank you, universe, for:

  • The amazing, thoughtful, and kind people that keep virtual company with me here
  • A furnace that's been working overtime, Seattle Metro bus drivers, and Seattle City Light workers who've been keeping this city humming
  • Everyone who remembers the sick, injured, hungry, lonely, elderly, homeless, abandoned, addicted, disabled, and mentally ill among us
  • Lunch with my sister last week--a blessed two hours without one interruption from a child
  • The Gingerbread Roasted Pear Trifle chilling in my fridge
  • Emily's safe return from her travels
  • PBS and commercial-free cartoons that keep me sane in the morning
  • Magazine subscriptions (I won't tell you how many)
  • The generosity and courage of all who serve in the military and all families who love them
  • The possibility that these wars might end in the next two years (please, please...)
  • Christmas music and an iPod that allows me to listen to it without the eye-rolling of my husband

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends. May your day be flooded with goodness and awkward family moments. Sending love and warmth through the snow.