Waiting in Advent

Advent Breakfast 2010
I'm still buzzing from the annual Advent breakfast with my dear friends. What struck me (again) is that we're all waiting for something--wholeness, money, happiness, companionship, insight, community. The trick is to somehow live comfortably in the not-yet. Seems like that's what Advent is all about.

On my mirror (are you tired of hearing what's posted there yet?!), I have a little strip of paper that says, "Be content. Yearn." It reminds me that there is so much to rest in AND so much to yearn for at the same time. If I get too settled, I'm not much good in the world. If my longing takes over, I'm liable to be unhappy and restless.

Are you waiting for Christmas treats? Sorry. They're slow in coming around here. I have some work deadlines and the Christmas Spirit hasn't manifested itself in caramel corn or fudge yet. I promise to let you know when it does.

P.S. Emily made some stunning Apple Pecan Breakfast Buns. I plan to make them soon.