Naan Pizzas

spouse-less pizza

My goodness. Anyone watching me in the kitchen these days wouldn't suspect I was a food blogger. Distracted mother? Check. Freezer full of potstickers? Check. Cookbooks collecting dust? Check.

I'm not apologizing. It's just amusing how seasonal life is. As soon as I make a bunch of pronouncements, things are guaranteed to change. In other words, as soon as I'm pontificating about getting all my produce from the farmer's market, one stop at Safeway becomes all I can manage.

I had a moment tonight--setting the table for me and the kids, listening to them play in the living room (ah! Playing sounds so much better than fighting!). How did I get to be the mother of these two rascals? I deliberated about whether I wanted to be a mother at all. After eight years of marriage, I gave in, mostly because I wanted someone to visit me when I'm old. And I wavered just as much the second time around. Would I love her as much I loved Wyatt?

Now, they're the reason I spend less on restaurants and more on apples; the reason I go to fewer concerts and more parks. They're the reason I'm sleep deprived and eat piles of pancakes; the force behind 20 pairs of little shoes cluttering the porch and thousands of dollars spent at Costco. They can take almost all the credit for my increased humor, realism, and even productivity (!) in the last 7 years.

And they can take credit for my ability to make pizza out of virtually anything. This time, Trader Joe's garlic naan, pulled from the freezer after a long spouse-less day. Theirs were marinara, mozarella, and pepperoni. In the spirit of realism, here's the recipe for mine.

dinner with the kids

Sarah's Spouse-Less Day Naan Pizza
Preheat your oven to 400. Scatter about a tablespoon of pizza or marinara sauce (yep--from the jar!) onto an oval of naan. Sprinkle a handful of whole milk mozzarella over it. Thinly slice 4 or 5 5 rounds of pepperoni, and sprinkle those on. Top with thinly sliced red onion, a bit of julienned fresh spinach, a tablespoon of sunflower seeds, and some crumbled chevre. Bake for 10-12 minutes, until naan is crispy on bottom and cheese is bubbling.