Resolution Muesli

resolution muesli

If you're not into introspective crap, you'd better surf on over to a real food blog. Or just skip down to the recipe.

Emily and I had an urban retreat last weekend. She stayed at her place, and I stayed in Julia's apartment across the alley (Julia's out of town). We had planned to go to St. Mary's, but the nuns called and said they all have the flu. No thanks. This household has had enough sickness in the last month. So, (twist my arm), we suffered on Capitol Hill instead. We went to the new Elliott Bay Books. There is NOTHING like a new book store to create needs you don't have. And a delicious dinner at The Tin Table, then Molly Moon salted licorice ice cream. After we said goodnight, I walked to Madison Market in the dark to get a few things for breakfast. I loved being there right before closing, childless and wandering the aisles, trying to decide between grapefruit or orange juice. At 10:30, the couple in front of me at the checkout was clearly buying things for dinner--a loaf of bread, salad fixings, a six-pack. I cannot remember the last time I ate dinner after 8:00.

The next morning, Emily and I had some time alone before we met up. We're different in lots of ways, but we are two peas in a pod when it comes to making charts, graphs, and resolutions about our lives. Sheesh. I realized lots of things about my time, energy, and sustainability in this stage of life. One of them is that I haven't been taking care of myself. I've been staying up too late, eating too much sugar and white flour, avoiding the gym, not dealing with my back pain, not making great decisions about my time. While I was eating muesli from the co-op, I made a bunch of lists and decisions.

plotting and planning at julia's table

Then I came home and made this muesli to start the week out right. Please don't take this recipe as a slight against granola. I adore granola and always will. But I have to talk behind its back for a minute and say it's full of fat and sugar! I've always thought of muesli as thoroughly unappetizing compared to its crunchy granola cousin. But, for some reason, walking through the market at night, this is what I chose. And it tasted so good the next morning, sitting in the sun with my colored pencils, making lists.

Like it or not, I'll be dragging you through these resolutions. Emily bought me Mark Bittman's Food Matters for an early Mother's Day gift (do you believe I get Mother's Day gifts from her?!), and I'm devouring it. Chickpeas three ways this week. Get those beans soaking, friends.

muesli with apple

Resolution Muesli
If you don't have quick oats (I didn't), you can put regular rolled oats in the food processor and pulse a few times. And endless combinations are possible for the seeds, nuts, dried fruit, and fresh fruit here. And I particularly love it after its soaked in soy milk for 10 minutes.

3 cups quick oats
1 c. mixed seeds and toasted nuts (I used hazelnuts, walnuts, raw sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds)
3/4 c. dried fruit (I used dried cherries)
pinch salt
2 Tb. brown sugar
milk or yogurt for serving
fresh fruit for serving

Mix oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, salt, and brown sugar together. Store in an airtight cannister.

To serve, mix with milk or yogurt and let sit on the counter or in the fridge for at least ten minutes (and you can leave it overnight in the fridge). Stir and top with fresh fruit. This morning, I put a pile of grated apple on top. Yum.