Favorite Places: Emily's Table

em's table

A few weeks ago, Emily hosted a beautiful Lenten breakfast at her table. Then, she had our family over for Wyatt's birthday dinner. His request: ball park franks with plain buns and orange soda. A few nights later, I was there again with friends before a concert--bread, cheese, wine, and lots of laughter. Today, I used her table as a desk, spreading out with my laptop in her quiet apartment, getting more work done in four hours than I would in a week at home.

Being at Emily's table this month felt like a gift every time. A gift of beauty, spaciousness, nourishment, being cared for. It's been a big week in the MK family. Yancey fought his first fire (you know I'm busy when I haven't written about that yet) and finished his Year One tests (!!!!!!!). And I launched my website. Tonight, I feel strangely emptied. Like I might not have much to say for awhile. (Please. We know that's unlikely.)

Thanks for your table, Em, and for making so much room for me all the time.