Still on the Muesli Train


Six or eight weeks ago, I told you about my new thing for muesli. We are still in the honeymoon stage. I found a great glass jar at a garage sale, and I've freshly filled it every week. For some reason, Yancey and I both consume it much faster than we ever did granola. He takes it to work, and I eat it every morning while the kids wolf Panda Puffs. (Organic sugar cereal, which is ridiculous.) In the original recipe I gave, I instructed you to pulse the oats in the food processor or use quick oats. I just use whole ones now. The mix pictured is oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, dried blueberries and cherries, toasted almonds, raisins, sesame seeds, pinch of  brown sugar, pinch of salt, and dash of cinnamon.

I'm leaving town for a few days to go on my annual women's retreat. Yancey keeps a tally of all my retreats. He thinks it's hilarious. I try explaining that they are my job, but he teases me anyway. Thankfully, this one has nothing to do with work and everything to do with rejuvenation. I room with my dear friend Nalani every year, and a dose of her is exactly what I need right now. And four days of showing up to food that's already been prepared?! Heaven, actually. It forces a healthy break from my compulsive planning, shopping and chopping.

We open our retreat every year in a big circle, sharing what's been most important to us in the time we've been apart. You, favorite readers, will surely figure largely in my litany of gratitudes. Thank you.