Almost-Summer Tidbits


Some random bits tonight:

1) Thank you, JV, for introducing  me to the Hipstamatic iPhone app. Love these analog photos and all the fun I'm having with them. I can't believe these kids are mine. They are driving me crazy at the moment, spreading out all the bedding on the living room floor, but they are the cutest darn rascals I've ever seen.

2) Feeling really tired (and slightly depressed?) lately. I'm trying not to over-analyze it, but something's going on. I think the invitation is for me to relax into it, whatever it is, and ask, "What's trying to happen here?" (Got that question from my amazing massage therapist Michael Dennis at Tangible Results Massage. My Group Health-funded sessions with him are coming to an end, and he's been an unexpected force of healing and goodness in my life the last several months. Thank you, Michael.)

3) My wonderful church, Bethany UCC on Seattle's Beacon Hill, is having a food film fest this month. They're showing Fast Food Nation tomorrow night, June 5, at 6:30 with a discussion afterward, and two other movies this month about the ethics, politics, and sustainability aspects of food. You can find out more about it here.

4) Let the Watermelon Experimentation begin. I had this delicious little number for lunch the other day: chunked watermelon, fresh mint, cilantro, coarse salt, chile flakes, sprinkle of sugar and fish sauce, sesame oil, and chopped peanuts. It almost brought back my old energetic self.

watermelon salad