Make This, and I'll See You Soon


Oldie but goodie. Kitchen Sink Crisp. I rarely make a crisp that's just one fruit anymore. It's far more useful to use up whatever is lying around. This one, made for a wonderful summer birthday party in Sue's yard last night, is made with peaches, blueberries, and plums. The secret is the stay-crunchy topping, cooking it long enough for that syrupy-sweetness, and not skimping on the flour in the fruit.

I'll be offline for a week. I've been re-reading one of Jack Kornfield's books, in which he says,"The first task, then, in almost any spiritual voyage, is to quiet ourselves enough to listen to the voices of our hearts, to listen to that which is beyond our daily affairs. Whether in prayer or meditation, in visualization, fasting, or song, we need to step out of our usual roles, out of the busy days on automatic pilot. We need to find a way to become receptive and open." Wherever you are in your summer frenzy, I hope you're finding a way to step back. See you soon.