Lazy Leftover Bits

playdate mayhem

I have a trillion recipes I could post, but guess what? I'm taking the lazy road tonight. Have you heard about that new "Slacker Parent" movement? Apparently, it's now alright to NOT enroll your children in endless day camps and music lessons. And it's acceptable to put snacks in ziplocs instead of artisan reusable pouches made of oilcloth. I could have written that book, but I was slacking instead.

Here are some highlights of my week:

1) Farm-fresh eggs from Yancey's coworker. We paid just $2.50 for a dozen--enough for her to keep buying chicken feed. She assures us this is a long-term arrangement. God. I just couldn't be more over-the-moon about it.

beautiful egg

2) Wyatt texting Yancey at work tonight. I surreptitiously read it, and he used all his laborious typing to say, "Hi Dad. Tonight mom made coconut ice cream with perfect mango on top."

3) And I did. (Make coconut ice cream, that is.) I couldn't sleep last night, so got up and made coconut ice cream. Duh. It's so cliché.

coconut ice cream

4) Having a playdate at the park this morning with 4 moms and 10 kids. We barked orders, doled out snacks, tracked down lost shoes, and still managed to have  meaningful conversation.

5) Making pottery with Nicole and her kids in her beautiful backyard. Wyatt got totally, cutely into it. (Don't tell him I said it was cute.)

6) Sitting with Jenn outside at the wine bar, interrupting each other with stories and questions. What is better than making a new friend?

7) Loving my client work right now, feeling useful, collaborative, and connected in helping this great workplace become even better.

Ah. Oh--one more thing. Reading Geneen Roth's Women Food and God. I think every woman should read it. My guess is you'll hear more about it if you stick around. My biggest a-ha--I am often driven by a deep fear that there will not be enough. If I take a minute to read this post, how clear it is! Look how much there has been, just this week. There is enough. There will be enough.