sunflower sprouts

One of the best things about my week has been these amazing sunflower sprouts I got at the farmers market. There are at least two camps where sprouts are concerned--the one which vehemently protests against their underside-of-the-lawnmower likeness, and the one I'm in. The one that can't get enough. I'm lusting after a sprouting kit, but where would I put it?! I triumphantly brought home a pressure cooker from a garage sale recently. I adore it (more on that later), but we might actually have to store it outside or build a separate little shed for it. I console myself that our carbon footprint is currently very small.

But back to the sprouts. They are big, crunchy, glossy, grown with care locally and organically. And everyone else in my household is in the sprout-hating camp, so I can have them all to myself. Driving home from the market, I fantasized the whole way about how I'd enjoy them. This is the Fridge-o-Meter at work. I mentally run through all the bits in my fridge the way some women visualize their closets. I remembered that I had some cream cheese, and I knew there was a jar of big green olives with pimentos somewhere in the back of the fridge. Throw a brick of cream cheese in the food processor, add 10 olives, whiz it for 20 seconds, spread it on a piece of whole wheat toast, top with as many sprouts as possible before the whole thing topples over. Ding-ding-ding-ding!! The Fridge-0-Meter strikes again. It doesn't take much around here.