Late September Tidbits

Whenever I sit down to write a new post, it's like I'm walking into a big, sunny clearing. There is space, light, beauty, togetherness. I'm noticing it because I've had so many SHOULDS in my life lately. The "shoulds" aren't bad. I've chosen them, and I always remind myself that obligations lead to relationship. But, for the record, being here with you is definitely not a "should." I'm enjoying this moment in the sun, pecking around contentedly like these rascal chickens in Sarah and Dan's yard.

Some September tidbits for you:

Popcorn is as great as always. Jenn came over after the kids went to bed the other night, and we had gin and tonics and a giant bowl of popcorn. What is better than that?

A big bowl of chickpea curry. My friend Travis asked for some of my favorite vegetarian dishes the other day, and I sent him this recipe. Remember? I forgot how good it was. And, wonder of wonders, my kids like it.
Chickpea Curry again

World's biggest bunch of celery. I scored big time at MacPherson's this week. All these celery leaves are from ONE BUNCH! I've been using them in salads, tuna fish, sandwiches--the way I'd use lettuce or other greens. I love their clean, sprightly flavor. And MacPherson's had flawless chanterelle mushrooms for $8/lb. Unheard of.
Celery Leaves

Milo and Loretta palling around. Puh-lease! Could these two be any cuter? They see each other at the bus stop every day, waiting for their big brothers. They run around in the field beneath the power lines, talking about whatever 3 and 4-year-olds talk about.
Milo and Loretta

If you're a Seattle reader, I'll be at the Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool Fall Festival on Saturday! 10-2, closing down the block with a DJ, bake sale, face painting, tattoos, a giant rummage sale. And yours truly will be contributing this and these to the bake sale. 1720 S. Forest St. Come have fun!