Baby Birthday Buns

tender buns
Loretta turns four today. I will spare you the story of her birth that she's been asking me to tell all week. We've been having fun reliving her first moments and weeks, and she looks so damn OLD to me today, in her new Hello Kitty boots and big girl haircut.

She requested these cinnamon pull-aparts for her birthday breakfast. Sometimes, I post a recipe on here, pontificate about how amazing it is and how you should go into your kitchen and start cooking, then I never make it again. I get distracted, just plain forget about it, or put pressure on myself to try new things. Not so with these. They have become my default breakfast treat for birthdays, holidays, or brunch potlucks. Tender, fragrant, EASY, beautiful little rolls. The dieter can have one and the kids three apiece, everyone will be pawing you for the recipe, and you can direct them here, where they will see this little breakfast treat:

Baby Retta

I couldn't help myself. After Wyatt, I wasn't sure if it was possible to fall in love like that all over again. It happened, it's still happening. I was a reluctant mother, married for 8 years before Wyatt was born, and pretty sure it would mostly be a lot of work. I was right about the work part, but nothing could have prepared me for how the sleepless nights, budget cuts, and constant demands wouldn't matter. I get sad when I think how close I came to missing out on this. There are lots of routes to enlightenment, but motherhood has been mine, saving me from myself over and over again. Happy Birthday, Retta.