Salted Peanut Butter Cookies

salted PB cookies

Molly (Orangette Molly) has done it again. She has tracked down the recipe, converted it from grams to cups, and produced another delectable baked good that's quadrupling my daily calorie intake. Normally, cookies sitting around are not a big problem for me. But it's going to have to be awhile before I make these again. I am dying over them.

Find these illegal salted peanut butter cookies here.

And a few more tidbits today:

I'm finding, over and over and over again, that there's always more to the story. I've made some stupid assumptions about people lately. I'm meeting a lot of new people, so I have the First Impressions Syndrome. I find myself deciding what someone's like from an offhand comment they make, a bumper sticker on their car, or where their child goes to school. Once I spend even a little time with them, things get wonderfully complicated. I'm reminded again of a favorite phrase, "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." Isn't that true? We just never know what's going on for someone, and that's reason enough to be kind. Even kinder than we think we need to be.

And I'm discovering some favorite things in Bellingham:

  • The muffaletta  sandwiches at Old World Deli on State Street. Perfectly chewy, soft (but not too soft) bread, piled high with Italian meats and olive salad. I brought one to Yancey at the remodel today, and you'd think he just won the lottery.
  • Fiamma Burger. I'm kind of embarrassed to say we go there at least once a week. I love that we can order at the counter, dip our fries in curry mayo, and get IPA in a can.
  • The thrift stores! This place must have more thrift stores per capita than any other spot on the planet. Bellinghamsters like a deal, I guess. And I've found a few things that would never have been sitting around for more than a second in Seattle.
  • The beautiful sanctuary at First Congregational on Cornwall Avenue. I haven't felt like introducing myself to tons of people or signing up for things, but I love sitting in that light-filled space and listening to the pipe organ.

Not doing a ton of creative stuff in the kitchen lately. I'm not apologizing for that (neither should you!), but just giving you a heads-up. This month will be even nuttier than these cookies, so if I disappear, just know it's not forever.