Vivace and other Wonders


Remember when Oprah was championing the gratitude journal a few years back? I miss Oprah and her spunky outfits. 

In a shout-out to the gratitude journal, here are some things I'm thankful for today:

  • Vivace Espresso beans, hauled back from Seattle whenever possible, and brewed in our trusty Nuova Simonelli machine. The crema on those shots is unbelievable.
  • All the folks in my leadership class at a large healthcare organization. They engaged, laughed at my jokes, and are making the world a better place.
  • My mom, who watched Lorettta during my doctor's appointment. It's sad that going to the doctor can be the most relaxing thing about your week. They even had the November issue of Real Expensive Real Simple.
  • Wayne, my tireless father-in-law, who took the week off work to help us lay wood floors. Our family would have fallen apart with his help these last four months. Whenever I can, I appoint myself the Lunch Mistress. I've figured out his favorites--Haggen deli tuna salad, chocolate covered peanuts, carnitas, and cheesesteaks without the hot stuff.
  • Kristen, who's taking Loretta some afternoons while I work, and Kelly who has rescued me from my schedule a million times lately.
  • Friday Night Lights, the best show network television has ever produced. I've already seen all five seasons, but am watching them again while Yancey toils at the remodel. Eric and Tammy Taylor, you never get old.
  • Emily, who put fruit in my lunchbox, made me popcorn, bought me dinner, and generally spoiled me during my work trip.

And, of course, YOU, who are sticking it out with me while my life is upside-down.