Favorite Places: Dashi Noodle Bar


Yeah! I'm posting a favorite place in Bellingham! 

In this little town of 81,000, it's a little easier to keep up with what's going on. Like the opening of Dashi Noodle Bar several weeks ago. I've been by a few times and it was either closed or I was daunted by the line. But today, on my way to pay my second parking ticket as a Bellingham resident, I drove by just as it was rolling up its doors, and I would have stopped even if God herself had stood in my way.

Dashi Delight

You know me and my ramen obsession. Dashi isn't that. They have delicious homemade ramen noodles, but a traditional ramen shop would never put out green tomato kimchi, salted peanuts, and fresh jalapenos on a free-for-all condiment bar. And you can get Chinese or rice noodles, choose your protein (I got braised pork belly and a gingered soft boiled egg), and choose your broth. And I want to have an I.V. drip of that green tomato kimchi. I considered shoveling a bunch into my purse, but kimchi is one of those things that you don't really want anywhere but in your mouth.


I froze my *%# off, as the only seating is at a narrow bar outdoors. Good thing the soup was hot, the staff was super friendly (hi, Julia!), and I don't really care about the temperature when I'm buzzing over good food.