Favorite Places: Old World Deli

Old World Deli with Liz

Emily sent me more mail yesterday. The only good thing about being apart is that our voluminous mail exhanges are acutally justified now that more miles separate us. I knew we were going to be friends 10 years ago when, after having her over for dinner, I got more than one follow-up card. You locked me in, sister.

This time, her card included a thin strip from a fortune cookie. It said, "You will make a new friend." 

Liz and I went out for lunch, and if the parking meter and picking kids up from school hadn't been realities, we would have eaten a lot more charcuterie and drank a lot more beer. Bellingham friends, I'm thinking about getting direct deposit to Old World Deli. I love how everyone's having leisurely lunches in there on a weekday. 

And I was connected with a colleague up here. We had an animiated time over coffee and even talked about doing some work together.

Cry, and the milk will come. I'm finding it to be true all over again.

We've had seven nights in our new (unfinished) house. I'm learning how the light falls and when, swooning over the view of Bellingham Bay, trying to be patient with the months left of work to do, and feeling overhwhelmingly grateful to have landed. Eleven months ago, Yancey and I were in Vancouver for our annual getaway and decided it was time to move back to Bellingham. We came home, spent six months getting our house ready to sell, sold it, moved up here into a rental, and spent another 5 months fixing up this one. God. We are tired. And ready to focus on each other what else is going on in the world.

What about you, long-lost readers? I miss you! What are you grateful to have survived this year? I'm happy to be heading into Thanksgiving with you. I'll probably be making good old-fashioned apple pie, maybe these, and already starting to think about trifle for Christmas. Bring it on.