I'm Back!!

Easter feet

Hello, friends. There is no inspiring spring salad today, no have-to-make-it baked good from an heirloom recipe card. But there's me. And you. And I'm happy we're together again.

Where to start? Our family is moving to Bellingham, 90 miles north of Seattle. It's where Yancey and I grew up, and it's where we became high school sweethearts. (If my kids get engaged at 20 like I did, someone will have to get out the defibrillator.) The move is the biggest reason I've been MIA. We aren't moving until September, but we're getting our house ready for the market and staying with dear Rich, Mary, and family while it's torn apart. We've been living out of suitcases, and Yancey spending every spare second executing nine years' worth of fixes in two months. Somehow, my sixteen-year old self knew when I met him he was a keeper. His mechanical abilities and work ethic are just the tip of the iceberg.

We are leaving our beloved Seattle, which is bittersweet. More will unfold about that over the months. There are so many things I'm already grieving--light rail, Gelatiamo, El Asadero taco truck, my sweet kitchen, the far-flung worlds represented in just our zip code. You'll have to bear with me as I wax nostalgic this next while.

Other things I want to say to you:

I love this Nikki McClure print. It reminds me that, despite the craziness of the last couple months, I am held, loved, and cared for. 


One of the things that undoes me is leaving my niece and nephew. HannahMae is one amazing 5 year old.

Hannah Mae Spring 2011

 And you are amazing readers, for sticking by me in this silent time. When I get back into my kitchen (this weekend!), you'd better watch out. Start rolling up your sleeves now.