Wyatt's Seattle

We spent the weekend together, blessedly unplanned, ignoring all the work for our move that's about to bury us. I gave the camera to Wyatt so he could record some of our favorite places. He made a slideshow last night called "Goodbye, Seattle." 

I've had two images lately that have helped me with the loss and change going on. The first is that our family is like a fist-sized rock, being thrown from Seattle to Bellingham. The rock won't unravel along the way. It will sail through the air (bad if you're scared of heights), and it might land with a thud, but it will still be itself when it lands.

The second is something my friend Leslie shared at church about her and her husband's plans to do development work in Uganda. She said she pictured a bowling alley with bumpers in the gutter--the ball might bounce around, it might be a bumpy ride, but it won't go in the gutter.

Here are some of Wyatt's great photos. In order, they are 1) Sasquatch ice cream at Molly Moon 2) Bell at the sculpture park 3) Me at Jefferson Park 4) Hot cinnamon and sugar donuts from Daily Dozen at the market 5) The iconic market sign 6) Yancey at the counter of Molly Moon 7) The Eagle at the sculpture park.

Sasquatch Ice Cream


 Rare photo of Mom 

daily dozen

Pike Place

Yancey watching the waffle cone maker