June Breakfast

strawberry shortcake breakfast

The larder has been low around here. Heels of bread, blackening bananas, digging in the fridge for that last cube of butter I swear is there. I've been too distracted to do anything of note in the kitchen, and my thoughtful grocery shopping routine has vanished.

But would you look at these showstopping strawberries? I go berserk when local strawberries make their brief appearance. Driving through Skagit Valley yesterday, I had my eyes peeled for a berry stand. I'd seen some handwritten signs, but some of those signs stay up year-round, taunting us in the middle of winter and getting our hopes up after Memorial Day. When I saw the stand, I careened off the road, and she gave me an extra pint since it was my 37th birthday.

Strawberry shortcake means birthday to me, and Loretta inherited my obsession with it. Yesterday was too nuts to do anything about it, but breakfast this morning was begging. Flat of berries on the counter, my quick biscuit-making abilities, and a pint of heavy cream I just knew was hiding out in the fridge. This week I may have won (again) the Worlds-Most-Distracted-Mother award, but I can always make up for it with dessert for breakfast. 

P.S. Nothing has changed about the way I make strawberry shortcake.  You can read about it here.