Spill Studio at Dubsea

Last weekend, my sister Naomi had an art opening at Dubsea Coffee in White Center. She featured colorful drawings, sketches, and paintings from her life in Seattle--favorite places, moments, little bits of time she snatches between mothering and working to beautifully depict her ordinary life. You can see them on her blog or at Dubsea until September 14.

It was a wonderful afternoon, full of friends dropping by and kids busily creating at the art table she set up. What I loved most about it was that everyone could see, in bright, certain terms, her giftedness. Some of us have other kinds of gifts. One of mine happens to be truth-telling, but I can't very well put that up on the wall. Maybe yours is getting the other moms at preschool to take a chill pill. Maybe it's that, when you're in a dull meeting at work, you can see through to the glowing heart of the matter. Or maybe it's knitting, hospitality, or dexterity with a toolbox.

Ruby at the art table

In whatever life is next, I like to think we'll all be having little artist receptions for ourselves. There won't be any false modesty, any of the "Who? Me?" crap some of us engage in from time to time. There will be music, delicious buffets of nibbles, big bouquets of flowers or balloons. There won't be comparisons, labels like "amateur" or "professional," and we'll be tooting our own horns relentlessly and loving the sound.

For the time being, there's Naomi's art on the wall of the amazing space at Dubsea. There are friends lighting out for grad school despite a million obstacles. Another who's finally starting to live the life that's been waiting for her. Wyatt, scribbling poems in the back seat of the car, my Mom raising money for relief work in Burma. Whatever your party is, get it started. Consider my RSVP a resounding "Yes."

Naomi at Dubsea