Prosciutto and Apple Pizza

prosciutto apple pizza

Last weekend, Bethany and I took the kids on the Whatcom Farm Tour. One of our stops was Cloud Mountain Farm, where I bought several bags of early apples. I can't think of anything more satisfying than biting into the first apples of the season. I love summer berries, melons, and stone fruits. But crisp fall apples with the leaves still on? I get giddy with all the possibilities. I made applesuuce with Loretta's preschool class, open-faced sandwiches with apples, fig jam, and sharp cheddar, and have been stashing them in my purse. There's only one left in the produce drawer, so tomorrow is being planned around finding more.

Cloud Mountain Barn

But this pizza was the star. It's predictable by now that I say, "Yancey, this is the best pizza we've ever made." But I am serious this time. I am loathe to count all the squares I ate. At least six. And by the third, one needs another beer, too. 

I continue to depend on this pizza crust,but have been adding more olive oil to the pan and on the crust before topping it. I'll try not to gloat too much, but my future oven will be able to fit a commercial full-sized baking sheet. Oh God, help us. The pizza mania will be unstoppable.

pizza dough

Proscuitto and Apple Pizza
Make this pizza crust. It makes a regular baking sheet plus another half-size. Heat oven to 500. Liberally oil your sheet before pressing the dough in, and liberally oil the dough before topping it. Spread 2 c. grated whole milk mozarella over crust, 1 c. crumbled blue cheese, and several slices of proscuitto, torn up, and a few handfuls of chopped fresh spinach. Arrange  a few large handfuls of very thinly sliced crisp apple over everything, and sprinkle with a bunch of chopped fresh thyme. Bake till edges of crust are crisp and everything is bubbly, about 15 minutes.