Epiphany 2014: Making and Growing

Christmas with Walkers 2013

My sister-in-law Kelly brought a dozen of her chicken's eggs to our annual white elephant gift exchange, grabbing them on the way out of the door. Of course the kids traded their gifts for other things (silly socks, toys) but I fought for these.

When we grow, make, or share things, we're giving an intimate gift. And it doesn't have to be perfectly wrapped or presented like Pinterest would have us believe. If you make a batch of cookies, take 2 over to your neighbor on a napkin. If you bought a huge brick of cheese at Costco, cut off a chunk for your friend. For a hostess gift last night, I rinsed out a little bottle that my hair serum had been in, went outside to cut a few sprigs of juniper, and tied a ribbon around the neck of the bottle. What we want most is to be thought of. There are lots of ways to do that without getting out a credit card.