Four Years and a Plea


I'm not a scrapbooker, and I've given up hope that I'll ever do anything with the photo boxes stashed in my basement, marked things like "2000-2007?" or "To sort!"

But I have this blog, and I've been nostalgic lately about everything it's seen since I started it 4 years ago. Loretta was 2, Wyatt was 6, I was starting my consulting practice and waiting for clients to call. Yancey had just gotten into the fire department, and we were pinching ourselves and missing each other. I posted almost every day. When I look back, I realize this was a vital window onto the world for me. In fact, it helped me see the world differently. 

I went back and found this photo of Loretta, and I'm crying as I sit here. I have the feeling, every day now, that these are the years I will miss. "Mother" is just one of my identities, but it's the one that has transformed me the most. There are lots of ways to be broken open, but motherhood has been mine. 

That's why I'm so honored to have Saveur pick In Praise of Leftovers as one of 6 finalists for their "Kids' Cooking Blog" category in their "Best Food Blogs 2013" awards. I have never thought of this as a kids' cooking blog, but it's clear other people have. I couldn't be happier to know that I might have played a part in more families cooking and eating together. Or in more mothers feeling a little less alone as they take care of their families and fulfill their other callings in the world.

You can vote here and it's sort of complicated. Bear with me! You have to do the following:

  • Login as a Saveur user (or register if you don't have an account.) This is so annoying. I'm sorry.
  • They have twelve different categories. Scroll through or hover until you find the "Kids Cooking" category. I'm listed with 5 other wonderful blogs. 
  • Click on In Praise of Leftovers after you've logged in, and that's your vote. You're allowed one vote per category. I know I've got some people my corner (Jordan, Emily, my mom and sister) who would stay up all night voting for me, but they've figured you out. You can't do that.
  • If I win, I'll be really, really excited. That's most of it. But they'll also give me an all-expense paid trip to a big giant food extravagaza in Las Vegas next month. At first I thought, "That's not my thing." Then I thought, "Why not?!" I've put a lot of heart into this blog, and it would be silly not to celebrate that.

When people ask my father-in-law how old he is, he says, "65, thank God!" I'm 39, thank God! Getting older every day, and so grateful be to alive and learning how to pay attention. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me into your life and giving this life of ours--yours, mine, and beyond--the attention it deserves.