State of Gratitude

Eat Local Greens

When I got home yesterday, there was a package waiting for me. The return address said, "State of Gratitude." Inside was a gift from an anonymous iPol reader. This wonderful t-shirt (which I'm wearing as I type) and beautiful card, thanking me and cheering me on. Whoever you are, you don't know how much your gift  means to me. I'm soaking it up. Thank you.

Richard Rohr says my personality type needs to fall in love with something every day. (For more on The Enneagram, hang around me for 3 seconds. I've been obsessed with it for a decade.) That's what food and photography do for me. Whatever the frustrations in my day, the overwhelming sadness or unfairness in the world, or the imperfect way of everything, I can capture a moment. A biscuit with jam, evening light on a jar of lilacs, the silent, white space of St. Ignatius Chapel. 

I heard someone on Radiolab talking about a last interview Maurice Sendak gave. He said he could hardly stand to think of parting with the tree outside his window--he loved it and wanted to be with it longer. But he said he was ready to go. How beautiful. The commentator, a doctor, said, "It's healthy to want to stay, and it's healthy to be ready to go." None of us are long for this world. It's the one thing we can be sure of. So capture the light while you can.

Emily's biscuit



Candles at St. Ignatius