Biggest Bang for your Buck

Wyatt (finally) got a haircut yesterday. All night and all morning, I'm doing double-takes. Who is that handsome kid? And why can I finally see those big brown eyes?

My boy

wink wink


Got me thinking about the great deal a haircut is. 20 minutes, $15, and you've got transformation. And thinking about other bargains in my life--a little bit of effort for a lot of happiness, perspective, or productivity. Things like:

  • Meditation. 20 minutes a day in exchange for the ability to be more present to myself and others.
  • A night stand big enough to hold books and flowers.
  • Sending or receiving a card in the mail.
  • Back-up jars of peanut butter and olive oil.
  • Having prints made of photos.
  • Remembering people's names.

 What are the bargains in your life right now?