Tomato Confit

tomato confit

I heard an interview with Jacques Pepin today. For his culinary school students, he devised this final test: roast chicken and roast potatoes. He told them not to try to stand out or surprise him. He said all the chickens would be different from one another anyway. And if you pour yourself a glass of wine while it's roasting, it will matter less if it's burnt.


Isn't it wonderful when the best things turn out to be the simplest? That's these tomatoes. Take whatever half-wilted fresh tomatoes might be wasting away in the pantry. (In my case, it was a combination of pear tomatoes from Trader Joes and a few "vine ripened" ones from the grocery that never made it into a salad. Yes, I sometimes buy tomatoes in the winter. Prosecute me.) Since you probably won't have a ton of those (you, ethical reader, NEVER transgress like me), add  them to a can of diced or whole tomatoes that you drain. Combine your tomato medley in a roasting pan and sprinkle liberally with coarse salt, a tiny bit of sugar, and a huge glug of olive oil. Roast at 300 for at least an hour, longer if you have time. The uses are limitless--with eggs, on top of pizza, on a baguette. Straight from the pan. Yum.

In the "simple is spectacular" vein, we were playing games around the coffee table last night, the evening light was pouring through our windows, and I ran for my camera. I've clicked through these photos a million times already today, thankful to the millionth power for my husband, my son, my daughter and that we're in each other's orbit every day. Amen.