100 Miracles Every Day


Life is our greatest teacher. Whatever we are doing can be instructive, whether we are at the office, talking to our spouse, or on the freeway. If we are present to our experiences, the impressions of our activities will be fresh and alive, and we will always learn something new from them. But if we are not present, every moment will be like every other, and nothing of the preciousness of life will touch us.” (Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson)

There's a lot on my mind lately and a few minor events in our family's life. I have what appears to be a torn meniscus and some recovery time ahead, Loretta appears to be lactose intolerant and can't eat Cheetos or  nachos anymore. (Oh, yes. There are Cheetos in my house.) I smashed the bumper of our minivan on a pole in the school parking lot and Yancey has taken over the household bookkeeping, which is a mercy for everyone. (He now knows how much we spend on groceries. That has been painful.)


When I dig below everything, what I find still are the daily miracles. My pastor says a friend of his names 100 things to be grateful for every day. (You have heard me talk about this before, I know.) The trick, of course, is to be present to our experiences. If we're not, what we remember at the end of the day is unfairness, the times someone ignored or got over on us, times someone else succeeded when we failed. "Nothing of the preciousness of life will touch us."

Some of my daily miracles:

  • Padre sleeping outside our bedroom door, snoring softly and waking me up in the morning with a wet little nose.
  • Loretta getting her ears pierced for her 7th birthday, squeezing my hand and then looking in the mirror constantly the rest of the week.
  • Water coming out of the faucets, clear and voluminous.
  • All the people helping and loving me during my injury.
  • Coffee in the coffee pot, ice in the icemaker, humming of the dishwasher, and a strong wireless signal. 
  • Wyatt up late in his room, readng about Stephen Hawking and the history of basketball.
  • Yancey mopping the floor and doing the Costco runs.
  • Sitting here right now at my father-in law's house watching the Super Bowl with so many people I love. (Go Hawks.)
  • The singing bowl my client gave me and how Loretta runs into my office and unceremoniously bangs on it.


Love after love, gift after gift.