Advent 2014: Just in this 24 Hours


It's a been a long, full day. Sitting down here to write, the capacity to string a theme together or tell a story just isn't there. But I can always find things to notice. Just in this 24 hours, I'm thankful for:

  • My clients early this morning who run their surgical floor with humor, precision, and compassion.
  • The music and stories I got to listen to in the car.
  • My dad who showed up at 5 am (!!!) to watch the kids. Is that above and beyond or what?!
  • My produce delivery from Dandelion Organics. Especially the gargantuan bunch of dino kale.
  • The doctor who practiced his active listening skills on me.
  • Taking a few minutes to make my bed, which always makes me feel in charge.
  • My clients this afternoon who love their boss and their workplace. Makes me light up inside.
  • Breeze's leftover soup that we enjoyed tonight and having a family dinner, finally.
  • All the loving, hardworking parents at tonight's PTA meeting and all the laughing we did.

And finally, this quiet moment at the end of the day and how the Christmas tree illuminates everything. Thank you for being here with me.