Advent 2014: No Excuses


Unexpectedly, I found myself completely untethered last night. The kids were at sleepovers, Yancey was working, my bid for drinks with friends didn't work out. I looked at my long list of things I should do and spurned it. (That's good for me. And not normal. Sigh.)

I love going to movies alone. I can get there way before the previews start. I don't have to talk with someone else about whether or not to get popcorn (no), if they should wait for me while I run to the bathroom. And best of all, whether or not they like the movie we just saw. I can love it or hate it or somewhere in beteween and not discuss it at all.

But I have this platform--ha! So I guess I'm not as capable of shutting up as I'd like to think.

I saw The Theory of Everything about Stephen Hawking's life. I don't understand the physics he's spent his life exploring (Though I think Wyatt might. He's been in a Stephen Hawking phase for a few years.), but what an incredible story. 

Like many of you, I find myself at a crossroads in my life, knowing there is more to my calling than I'm living right now, and being scared about the next steps. I don't want to fail, I don't want to miss the boat, blah, blah, blah. And it's incredibly easy to stay in the shadows, get into my deficiencies. But my spiritual director asked me this week, "What would it feel like to live out of your strengths?" And Stephen Hawking's story asks me, "What good excuse do you have to hold back?"

Maya Angelou says, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." Like Mary carrying God, there's divine light in all of us that's waiting to be birthed. For Stephen Hawking, he had a story to tell about the cosmos, and he told it despite terrifying, debilitating odds. What's my story to tell? What's yours? What would happen if we just got started?