Advent 2014: Very Forgiving Cookies


Biscotti couldn't be easier to make. That's the trick Starbucks (or lots of processed food!) plays on us, making us think there's alchemy going on in some commercial kitchen.

You form a butter cookie dough into logs with your hands, bake them, let the logs cool a bit, then slice then diagonally into fingers and bake them again so they're crispy. And the best thing? They keep in the cookie jar forever (like a month), ready for your afternoon cup of tea or a friend that stops by. (I used this recipe and threw in a little bit of Meyer lemon juice and rind instead of the orange liquer.)

I've been elfing it around here, making little batches of things when I have time. And, at the same time, tearing up for the loss and violence in the world, praying for justice to roll down. It's always that tension of recognizing all the good in my life and knowing that my work, our work, isn't done until there's goodness for everyone. Thinking of that little family in a stable helps me hold out for the impossible.