Advent 2014: How can I Keep from Singing?

I went caroling with a group of folks from church this morning. We had our adopted grandparent neighbors over for dinner and sang with them. Then another group from our church knocked on our door and caroled to us. It's been a singing kind of day.

And I remembered a story I'd forgotten. 12 years ago, my mother-in-law Phyllis and I went on a tour to China with 10 other women. It was October and I was four months pregnant with Wyatt. One night, our driver got lost in the foothills and we were much longer on the bus than we'd planned. There wasn't much left to say one another, we were all tired, and someone started singing a Christmas carol. We sang for at least an hour, starting new songs as they came to mind. In the middle of China, with so many generations and stories between us, it was the songs we had in common.

Today felt like that. And, along with all the other things I'm sure I'll determine to do more of in 2015, singing is offically one of them.